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One brushstroke at a time.


Course Dates: February 19th- April 12th, 2024

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Find your Artistic Flow in 2024!


Are you looking for a shift in perspective? A way to loosen up so you don’t get caught in the details? Or maybe it’s drawing that’s been holding you back? Perhaps you already have some artistic concepts and principles down, but struggle to bring it all together? Have you taken multiple courses and workshops, only to find that your work is still not where you want it to be? 

Your time is precious. It’s time for a different approach!

You have a story to tell. You have a life to share. And your art is your voice.

But how do you do this? 

The first step to finding your unique voice is having a solid  knowledge base and the real-world tools to express yourself with confidence. And that is precisely what Learning To See is designed to deliver. All this, and much, much more.


The Learning To See comprehensive course is the whole package! It's designed for artists at any stage of their journey.  There's never been a better time than now to master your artistry and find your flow.  
This was like learning to read, it opened a whole new universe for me.

-Rebecca Arndt

Hello! I'm Gabriel Lipper, a professional painter, instructor and founder of 8Paint Infinite Arts. 

After years of suffering through the rigors of classical training, I came to develop my own way of seeing. One that felt authentic to me and lit me up, from the inside out. It combined the traditional academic approach with my own contemporary style and love of painting. It was a long road to get here and, let's be honest, the creative path is one of realization and self-discovery that never really ends.

Over the last 25 years working as a professional painter, and through much trial and error, I came to develop the specific tools and techniques necessary to build a strong foundation and inner confidence. It's from this place, that creative freedom, flow and transformation is achieved.

And this is why I created Learning To See! I want to give you the lessons that took me years to learn and help catapult you to new heights. 

I came looking to change up and be more confident in my personal expression, and I feel that I truly achieve this. As confirmation, and just to brag a bit, my pink saxophone player won an award in a local art show and actually sold!

-Linda Morton

What is Learning To See?

The Learning To See Course is an 8-week, online art program for artists at every level who want to discover and develop their unique voice. It is an immersive experience that fuses abstract solutions with representational techniques.

Whether you are picking up a paint brush for the first time or a seasoned professional ready to take your art to the next level, this course will meet you where you are and provide support at every step.

The Learning To See Course has been carefully crafted with your love of painting in mind. Our primary goal is for you to discover a myriad of approaches and techniques that empower you to create the kind of work that you have longed to see on your easel. And from this place of power and confidence your world will transform.

The course includes more than 100 videos, downloadable and printable handouts, guided instructions, weekly assignments and weekly, live Q&A Zoom calls with Gabriel and the team.

Plus, you will become a member of the 8paint world-wide community of creatives who provide an additional level of support and accountability.


Build a solid foundation and experience new found confidence to reach your artistic aspirations!
This course is ONLY offered one time per year.


Learning is not linear! Many online courses today either teach you how to imitate the style of the instructor or promise step-by-step instruction for creating ‚Äúgood‚ÄĚ art.¬†

Learning To See is different because it is the complete course. It is designed to nurture your own unique style, while at the same time providing you with the building blocks necessary to make great art without wasting time. 

Through a structured curriculum, engaging content, countless demonstrations, and examples, this course teaches you how to integrate concepts and principles from both your head and heart to your paintbrush. 

The coaching feedback and the Learning To See global community continuously support your artistic growth and provide a platform that allows you to achieve the quality and style of art that you have always dreamed of.

With Learning To See, you will excel where you once struggled. And the flow of your artistic expression will become second nature.


Transformation begins here.

Master the skills you need to meld both abstract and representational styles. Take your paintings in any direction you choose and, finally express yourself fully and freely through YOUR art.



  • You have great creative starts, but¬†unsure how to take your painting from good to gallery-worthy.¬†


  • You¬†dream of creating art that others want to buy,¬†but imposter syndrome stops you.


  • You are a new,¬† hopeful¬†artist searching for a way to gain tools and¬†find your artistic voice.


  • You are realistic painter who gets caught in the details, or feels like a slave to you reference.


  • You are an abstract artist who loves spontaneity and expression, but¬†desires more control and technique.


  • You are a representational artist who¬†loves¬†the subject in¬†your paintings, but lack the confidence to loosen up in your style and brushwork.


  • You are a professional artist with a classical pedigree who is¬†ready to open your world to contemporary art.


  • You follow Gabriel on Instagram, Facebook or attend his workshops and¬†feel drawn to his style and energy.


  • You¬†were inspired by the¬†Free¬†Create Art That Shines!¬†Workshop and¬†are ready for more!



  • 100+ videos! 8 pre-recorded weeks of lessons. 5-10 instructional video posted every Monday for you to digest throughout the week.
  • 8 live weekly Q&A Zoom calls¬†that includes image adjustments and¬†demos to amplify your¬†learning process.
  • Community! The Learning To See Community will give you the extra boost of confidence you need! Receive an infusion of new energy and inspiration from artists all over the world.¬†¬†
  • A shift in your perspective and understanding¬†every time you¬†watch the course material¬†and attend the Q&A calls.
  • Support every step¬†of the way from Gabriel and the 8paint Coaches!¬†
  • #1 BONUS! 4 live Zoom Q&A calls¬†over 2 months following the 8 week program.¬†
  • #2 BONUS! Exclusive access and special pricing on¬†additional workshops throughout the year.¬†
  • #3 BONUS! The monthly #LTSone&done Art Challenge.¬†Each month an 8paint coach will¬†post¬†an art challenge designed to build your skills, spur your creativity and keep you in the game. This will occur each month for the entire year!


3-Monthly Payments


($1,995.00 total)


Paid In Full



6-Monthly Payments


($2,100.00 total)



The Learning To See Course includes instruction, meaty tutorials, weekly assignments, accountability, constructive critiques and valuable feedback. Facebook community, a peer-to-peer support system, helping to solidify your artistic aspirations.


Watch, learn, and practice the lessons as often as you like. (You have a full year!)

  • Over 100 video lessons! Between 6-12 pre-recorded video lessons are released to the student platform to watch and digest throughout the week.
  • The videos¬†range between 5-25 minutes in length.
  • Each video is clear and concise and can be watched¬†and rewatched as needed.
  • Every video gives you the opportunity to write a¬† comment and ask questions and receive responses from Gabriel and the 8paint coaches.


Be seen! Engage with your peers through our private Facebook group. Share your progress, ask questions, brainstorm solutions and celebrate ah-ha moments. 

  • Put your learning into practice! Weekly student assignment are given based on the¬†lessons.
  • Post your progress to the LTS private Facebook community for support, feedback and accountability.
  • Build meaningful relationships with creatives world-wide.¬†
  • Discover the transformation that occurs when artist get out of our silos and come together with a common goal.


Risk and reward! There is a vulnerability in opening yourself up to critique, but Gabriel & the 8paint coaches wisdom and insights make it easy and rewarding.

  • Friday @ 10:30am PST, Gabriel hosts the live Q&A call on Zoom.¬†
  • Interactive discussion about the lessons and assignments take place at this time.¬†
  • This is your time to¬†receive guidance¬†related to¬†struggles or blocks you are experiencing and¬†gain a deeper understanding of the lesson concepts and their applications.¬†
  • Submit your progress in the course¬†album with specific questions to the 8paint coaches and receive their feedback¬†AND real-time adjustments during the Friday Q&A calls.
  • Each Q&A call is recorded for those cannot join the group live.
  • The benefits of the live calls and real-time adjustments cannot be understated. This is where your skills¬†and understanding begin to take hold and ah-ha moments are born.



Receive ongoing support and watch your progress soar!


  • This gives students 16-weeks in total to check-in with Gabriel and his team for continued guidance, adjustments and demos. The 4 bonus Q&A Zoom calls are spread out over the additional 8 weeks at the end of the program.
  • This is an opportunity for you to find your feet and integrate the principles of¬†Learning To See into your painting while still having¬†continued support of the 8paint team!


As an Alumni of Learning To See, you will get exclusive Alumni-only access and special pricing on workshops provided throughout the year.


  • The Landscape
  • The Still Life
  • The Figure
  • The Portrait
  • Abstracting The Floral


The monthly #LTSone&done Art Challenge! 

Each month an 8paint coach will post an art challenge designed to build your skills, spur your creativity and keep you in the game. This will occur each month for the entire year! 

I think abstract painters as well as more realistic painters would profit greatly from Learning To See. It opened up a variety of possibilities for growth in my skills and thinking.

-Lou Belcher



Creating a strong foundation is next to impossible with out a framework that provides structure, support and accountability. That's why Learning To See is so effective in helping artists to advance their artistic skills.

What will I learn?

Here's just a sample of what you can expect to learn over the 8 weeks:

In Week 1, You’ll Learn To:

Identify your personal artistic goals
Clarify what connects you to YOUR art
Storyboard YOUR artistic vision

In Week 2, You’ll Begin To:

Apply new techniques to compose your art
Add depth and defining your three-dimensional world
Create different relationships in YOUR compositions vision

In Week 3, You’ll Dive In To:

Take your compositions to the next level in design
Practice the principles of variety, value and hierarchy
Up your color fitness game vision

In Week 4, You’ll Learn To Play and:

Explore more tools and techniques to hone your visio
Merge the worlds of Abstraction and Representation
Push and pull a lot of paint around

In Week 5, You’ll Learn How To:

Perceive form, elemental shapes, use line, and create dimension
Enhance your confidence with practice and repetition.
Define light and dark values vision

In Week 6, You’ll Harness The Power To:

Craft YOUR color
Enhance form and add greater dimension in your paintings
Distill your palette into its most basic elements values vision

In Week 7, You’ll Learn To:

Further refine your voice as an artist
Identify the three major concepts of design
Communicate concepts through the way YOU apply paint vision

In Week 8, You’ll Learn To:

Define what brings YOUR paintings to life
Evaluate and document your artwork
Deconstruct vision

Main concepts that we will address and put into practice during the 8-week course.

Work on simple, elegant solutions to the placement of figures in perspective, and in relation to each other, without the need of months of studying and sketching out one, two and three point perspectives.

Value does all the work but color gets all the credit. Discover the importance of manipulating values to achieve a successful design. Confidently work with different color palettes and uncover the secrets of limited palettes (including the Zorn palette) and off-primary palettes.

Understand how to use figurative clusters and juxtapositions to energize your compositions.

Everyone has something they don’t like or try to avoid in their artmaking, and drawing is a common hurdle. Yet making peace with drawing and using that as a tool is an essential part of the artistic journey. Gabriel makes it fun to conquer your fear of drawing.

Discover new and surprising tools and creative applications that push the boundaries of what you thought possible in your painting.

Learn how to integrate ‚Äúplaygrounds‚ÄĚ into your compositions to create more dynamism and integrated abstraction. Color and values are woven into this exercise creating free and expressive work.

I have been drawing my whole life, but it was not until becoming involved in the Learning to See program that I learned how to take that skill, from the simple sketch of a subject to the full composition of a dynamic painting.
¬†‚ÄďRobyn Forsyth, British Columbia



3-Monthly Payments


($1,995.00 total)


Paid In Full



6-Monthly Payments


($2,100.00 total)

¬†This lesson blew my mind and broke open my whole world of art-making. I found a new scale to my art voice, gained so much joy and confidence that I began making bold forays into disrupted realism. In the middle of the course, I began to be juried into regional shows and winning awards, not to mention selling more work. One of my works in this new genre has been juried into the Disrupted Realism show in the Buckham Gallery, juried by author John Seed.‚ÄĚ
‚ÄďMay Klisch, Wisconsin

Learning To See Alumni Artwork

The art of Learning to See Alumni