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Hello and welcome!

I'm Gabriel Lipper, a professional painter, instructor and founder of 8Paint Infinite Arts. 

With over 30 years of painting experience, I've built a life doing what I love. 

Having suffered through the rigors of classical training, I have come to combine the traditional academic approach with my own contemporary style and love of painting. As an instructor to creatives world-wide, I want to assist you along YOUR own artistic journey that took me years to learn!

Click on the images below to view my painting series.

Courses & Workshops

Picture yourself creating the quality of art that you've always wanted. See yourself showing your art to family, friends and prospective clients with confidence and pride. Imagine the feelings of satisfaction and joy seeing your art on the walls of your favorite gallery. 

Whether you are a budding creative or a professional artist, the 8paint courses and workshops are designed specifically to take you on a personal journey of discovery and breakthroughs!

The 8paint courses and workshops provide you:

  • The technical tools and techniques that establishes the solid foundation needed to confidently create top level art 
  • Experienced art coaches who provide you with valuable image adjustments and constructive feedback to advance your skills quickly 
  • A supportive community of creatives world-wide to enhance your experience and create personal accountability



"Inspiration Friday" Blog

Creativity is not always proactive. It can be receptive too...


Is It Ugly or Honest?

I saw this painting in person for the first time at the Art Institute of Chicago over 16 years ago. I was wandering through the vast rooms, enjoying the impressionists, when it reached out and slapped me across the face. This isn’t a pretty painting. It’s powerful and sarcastic, rich, and direct. It’s beautiful, but it’s not easy...read more.

What Does Your Art Say About You?

Last week, I was asked if I ever painted paintings just because I thought they would sell. And I have to admit, that, especially when I was broke, I did everything I could to anticipate what the market might want. I wanted to survive as an artist and that wasn’t easy. I hadn’t even begun to grasp the vastness of that divide that lives between being a painter, and the marketing of a painting...read more.


Are You Stopping Before You Start?

Have you been too scared to move? As I looked down at the glassy flatness of the lake and the sheer cliffs of the cove, the little circling motor boat and chanting people below looked like toys. Back to the top of the cliff. My friends stood around me at full size, cheering me forward: “Just jump!“...read more.